DIY Sunday

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DIY coffee mug
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tutorial found here

DIY stencil throw pillow
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hello card set by QuillandFox

My name is Grace and I live in Texas.

I'm a nature lover, jewelry maker, Etsy and Pinterest addict, and a traveler. I love morning light, sleeping in, rainy days, and flowers. I love the smell of freshly cut grass, sea-breeze, and so much more.

made with love is simply about all of life's simple pleasures. I'm always looking for beautiful things, and I'm going to share all of them on here. I'll feature Etsy artists, DIY tutorials, fashion inspiration, recipes, and so many other of my daily musings.

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new blog!

hey guys, i recently started a photography blog which you can check out here: www.photographychallenge2012.blogspot.com ! or you could not, whatever works for you! i'll try hard to post on this one more, i've been incredibly busy!