summer rambles

hi everyone! i want to apologize from the bottom of my heart for not having many posts this may. i've had such a busy may and this summer will most likely be busy as well for me. hopefully, it will be filled with fun things to do for all of you, too! so, here is a sweet little post filled with what inspires me and what i've learned this may. enjoy!

what i've learned this may
- working hard really does pay off
- it's important to do things you enjoy
- family is wonderful



how to : editing your facebook page's URL

okay, so recently i had some trouble. my facebook page's URL was yucky. and i mean YUCK-Y! it wasn't only ugly though...it was kinda a bother. whenever someone needed a link to my facebook page, i'd have to run off and find what the link was. the link was something like www.facebook.com/124873948729/pages/#/graciesdesigns.

YUCK, big time! this is just kinda a downer, not to mention it looks very unprofessional! to get rid of this, you have to:
  • go to www.facebook.com/username/
  • click on the page you want to change
  •  in the little box that appears type what you want to go on the end. for example, if you want it to be www.facebook.com/awesomestore then you'd put awesomestore in the box!
it's a super easy solution to an annoying little problem. so, to sum it up,

before: www.facebook.com/124873948729/pages/#/graciesdesigns

after: www.facebook.com/graciesdesigns



happy may!

happy may everyone! this may, I will be doing the following
- putting together my anthropologie-inspired room. i've found some great tutorials and saved a bunch of money on making things. i'll give you a guide when i'm finished.
- start designing my fall collection. newsletter followers will most likely get a sneak-preview, and you can find the subscription box in the right-hand column.
- taking a good look at my marketing plan and finally figure out why my sales are slow instead of complaining about it
- keep in touch with my friends and family
- gather up goodies for summer....see the following examples below.

all links are clickable. enjoy!
- gracie