how to : editing your facebook page's URL

okay, so recently i had some trouble. my facebook page's URL was yucky. and i mean YUCK-Y! it wasn't only ugly though...it was kinda a bother. whenever someone needed a link to my facebook page, i'd have to run off and find what the link was. the link was something like www.facebook.com/124873948729/pages/#/graciesdesigns.

YUCK, big time! this is just kinda a downer, not to mention it looks very unprofessional! to get rid of this, you have to:
  • go to www.facebook.com/username/
  • click on the page you want to change
  •  in the little box that appears type what you want to go on the end. for example, if you want it to be www.facebook.com/awesomestore then you'd put awesomestore in the box!
it's a super easy solution to an annoying little problem. so, to sum it up,

before: www.facebook.com/124873948729/pages/#/graciesdesigns

after: www.facebook.com/graciesdesigns


1 comment:

  1. Awesome tip, thank you so much! Just got my facebook page fixed (facebook.com/zucchinisummer)

    Thanks again!