what everyone needs to know about earrings

i searched my soul for these basic facts that will build your knowledge of earrings!

-they go through the lobe of your ears or clip on to them
-there are a trillion different kinds: hoops, studs, dangles, crocheted, clip-ons, etc, etc
-though noticeably smaller, they are just as important as a key piece like a necklace
-they draw attention to your face
-they can make your ear swell up if the metal is cheap so be careful as to what kind you choose
-they are never too cheap or expensive- prices range HUMONGOUSLY
-small diamond or pearl studs will never go out of style
-no, they don't always have to match your necklace/bracelet/anklet/ring/toe ring/whatever!
-though not neccessary, piercing ears is common and there are many more choices for pierced ears
-picking too-tiny ones might make your ears look....well...large
-but picking too big ones will make your ears look tiny and stretch out your piercing
-i personally believe there is no such thing as an ugly pair of earrings; but there are ones that are interesting to say the least and ones i would never, ever like to wear.
-there is seriously a pair out there for you-you just might not know it!
-earrings rock!


i wanna hear from you!

hi everyone! i recently read a kick-butt blog post about de-lurking, and i figured i'd add a little note into this post about it! so, lurkers are those people who read the blog but don't post. but i say, why would you not? don't you want me to hear feedback so i can meet your needs as a reader? don't you want to share your brilliant (or crazy) ideas? so leave comments! email me! write on my facebook wall! the point is....I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! you guys are the best! i love all of my fellow etsians and i want your feedback, critique, etc.

so, here is how you can contact me!
at my EMAIL
convo me on ETSY
leave a COMMENT with your EMAIL
TWEET at me
write on my FACEBOOK page's wall
find me lurking in a CHAT ROOM on ETSY
comment on my THREAD on ETSY TEAMS

if i'm missing something, let me know!

my point? you guys are the reason i do what i do, so let me hear your thoughts!



why i love etsy

okay, so before reading this, i'll give you a little background info. my name is gracie beal and i'm a earring designer. i'm selling at 3 boutiques, on my website, and on etsy! so, i don't really know what people think of etsy, but i do know what i think of it. i was skeptical when i first heard about it because it seemed so great. i googled it....some people think it's a scam. NO WAY JOSE! i love etsy dearly! think of it as your own personal shopping center....where everything is either handmade or vintage. i just love the feel of etsy. you can find the most beautiful stuff here and be sure no one else has it because it's handmade/vintage! you also get to support small businesses. you can even set your search to specify local businesses...how cool is that? supporting local businesses while getting a totally unique product for a good price. and this is why i love etsy. since i'm a seller, i experience things buyers don't usually get to. for example, i deal alot with other sellers when we all share tips or chat in the forums and just have a good time! oh, another one of my favorite things? customer service. you're dealing with an individual, not a computer! hooray! etsy is seriously awesome. all of the little pictures you see over there on my side bar in the inspiration slideshow are from etsy. if you like what, check it out! and let me just say-if you're skeptical, give it a go! it's free to become a member and only costs 20 cents to list an item. i love etsy
*this is in no way a promotional for etsy, just me speaking my feelings!*