i wanna hear from you!

hi everyone! i recently read a kick-butt blog post about de-lurking, and i figured i'd add a little note into this post about it! so, lurkers are those people who read the blog but don't post. but i say, why would you not? don't you want me to hear feedback so i can meet your needs as a reader? don't you want to share your brilliant (or crazy) ideas? so leave comments! email me! write on my facebook wall! the point is....I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! you guys are the best! i love all of my fellow etsians and i want your feedback, critique, etc.

so, here is how you can contact me!
at my EMAIL
convo me on ETSY
leave a COMMENT with your EMAIL
TWEET at me
write on my FACEBOOK page's wall
find me lurking in a CHAT ROOM on ETSY
comment on my THREAD on ETSY TEAMS

if i'm missing something, let me know!

my point? you guys are the reason i do what i do, so let me hear your thoughts!


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  1. OK...I don't want to be called a lurker. I have a few jewelry-makin' artists I follow (I am envious of them). Maybe someday I can learn to make thing thing-a-ma-jigs. Until that day comes, I will continue on with sewing, woodworking, and my yoga.
    Fawn from Fheryl fashion Jeans.