why i love etsy

okay, so before reading this, i'll give you a little background info. my name is gracie beal and i'm a earring designer. i'm selling at 3 boutiques, on my website, and on etsy! so, i don't really know what people think of etsy, but i do know what i think of it. i was skeptical when i first heard about it because it seemed so great. i googled it....some people think it's a scam. NO WAY JOSE! i love etsy dearly! think of it as your own personal shopping center....where everything is either handmade or vintage. i just love the feel of etsy. you can find the most beautiful stuff here and be sure no one else has it because it's handmade/vintage! you also get to support small businesses. you can even set your search to specify local businesses...how cool is that? supporting local businesses while getting a totally unique product for a good price. and this is why i love etsy. since i'm a seller, i experience things buyers don't usually get to. for example, i deal alot with other sellers when we all share tips or chat in the forums and just have a good time! oh, another one of my favorite things? customer service. you're dealing with an individual, not a computer! hooray! etsy is seriously awesome. all of the little pictures you see over there on my side bar in the inspiration slideshow are from etsy. if you like what, check it out! and let me just say-if you're skeptical, give it a go! it's free to become a member and only costs 20 cents to list an item. i love etsy
*this is in no way a promotional for etsy, just me speaking my feelings!*


  1. I love etsy too! I have found several perfect, specific things to buy. And my shop has had some sales and I hope those people feel the same way about their purchases. :)

  2. Etsy is great, I just got into teams and I love the interaction with my fellow etsians (which is where I found this blog)