easter cuties

these are some of the many little easter things i found on etsy. i'm sure the bunny would approve(:

Cast Iron Bunny Bank - Baby Pink by beautifuldetailswed

The Mini PINK Bunny Bun - Tiny Plush friend by arixystix

Easter Bunny Candy Tin, set of 6 by susiedees

Blue Easter Bunny Card by winifredStudios

Fake Sugar Candy EASTER BUNNY for your Faux Cupcakes by TheCopperDragon2004

easter baby chicks(Set of 4) by sabahnur

Floral, woven Easter basket made especially for our bears and bunnies with a yellow egg by hortenseandeloise
 and, my personal favorite:

MADE TO ORDER Rainbow Chicken Egg by starless
 keep your eye out for post-easter sales...you never know!
have a happy easter!



  1. Those are all adorable. Especially the little bunny tin!

  2. Cute indeed! Thanks for including us here. I've been reading your blog and completely agree that Etsy is a wonderful way to buy from the artist directly. I made a promise to myself two Christmases ago to buy most of my gifts from artists. What a great way to help each other and help the economy. Etsy allows us to do just that. There hasn't been an occasion where we couldn't find a perfect gift there. I might also add that buying such unique gifts hasn't hurt my status as a "Rock-Star" aunt. Your blog is fantastic and I love that you bring attention to other artists out there. Good work! Enjoy your Easter.
    1/2 of Hortense and Eloise

  3. Hi Gracie, these are beautiful items you've picked for Easter. I love that egg and those knitted baby chicks are so cute! Thank you for including my bunny!

  4. So many bunnies! I love bunnies! :)