what everyone needs to know about earrings

i searched my soul for these basic facts that will build your knowledge of earrings!

-they go through the lobe of your ears or clip on to them
-there are a trillion different kinds: hoops, studs, dangles, crocheted, clip-ons, etc, etc
-though noticeably smaller, they are just as important as a key piece like a necklace
-they draw attention to your face
-they can make your ear swell up if the metal is cheap so be careful as to what kind you choose
-they are never too cheap or expensive- prices range HUMONGOUSLY
-small diamond or pearl studs will never go out of style
-no, they don't always have to match your necklace/bracelet/anklet/ring/toe ring/whatever!
-though not neccessary, piercing ears is common and there are many more choices for pierced ears
-picking too-tiny ones might make your ears look....well...large
-but picking too big ones will make your ears look tiny and stretch out your piercing
-i personally believe there is no such thing as an ugly pair of earrings; but there are ones that are interesting to say the least and ones i would never, ever like to wear.
-there is seriously a pair out there for you-you just might not know it!
-earrings rock!

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