why you should be on pinterest

hey guys! today i'm going to talk about probably my favorite site on the internet: pinterest. if you have been living under a rock don't know what pinterest is, it's this crazy fun site that is basically a virtual cork board. you make different boards, and "pin" webpages, pictures, recipes, and more to each of the boards. essentially, it's just a page of stuff that makes you happy! i've heard from more than one person that pinterest is not for them, and then they tried it and LOVED it. so, lets check out some of the problems you might have with pinterest.

1). it's too mainstream

  • are you kidding me?! pinterest is awesome, thats why so many people are using it. also you can like change your name up so nobody knows it's you, hipster friend!

2). i don't want my boss looking at the pins for my future wedding

  • this is where that handy feature comes in where you can have your pinterest not show up on google search! go to settings -> hide. then you can click on or off

3). i don't want to bother my Facebook friends with all of my pins

  • good news! you know that obnoxious friend of yours that just pins day and night and then they all show up on your Facebook newsfeed? well, that doesn't have to be you! to turn sharing on Facebook off, go to settings -> Facebook. you'll see an option to turn sharing off (and please, for our sake, DO IT).

4). i'm bad with technology

  • easy answer: ask your kid to help you.
  • slightly less easy answer: practice makes perfect! pin, pin, and pin some more. you'll get the hang of it.
  • however i have a question...how are you reading this?

5). no one's invited me

  • comment below if i've persuaded you and you still need an invite.

so, folks, that is why you should all check out pinterest.com. it's a lot of fun, an easy fix for boredom, and you can tell people that you're being productive! what, planning your closet for when you're rich and famous doesn't count as productive? you're just saving time a few years down the road!