How to Shop For The Holidays

If you're one of those people who believes that it's way too early to begin shopping for the holidays, let me tell you; it's not. I've shopped for many, many gifts over the years, and it's CERTAINLY never too early to start shopping for the holidays! Here are a few tips to keep you organized (and money-concious!) during this year's shopping frenzy:

-It's never too early to begin your holiday shopping. I've been known to collect little tidbits even in months such as July!

-Meaningful gifts are a lot more fun than ones that are just bought for the sake of showing up with something- if you're going to spend your money, make it count!

-For those people who you really can't afford to dish out another gift to, a nice batch of homemade cookies or your favorite brownies is always a great idea

-Making a list of what gift you want to buy for which person keeps you organized and doesn't allow you to forget any little thing

-Stick to your list, for the most part. No, I really doubt that Grandma will appreciate that cute rubber ducky that's on clearance....

And there you have it! Some nice little tips to cut out and put in your wallet...enjoy yourselves!

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  1. Nice tips! Also, don't forget those HUGE sales AFTER Christmas ;)