hair chalk

hey guys! i recently bought an awesome pack of soft chalk pastels for $4 at michaels. above is me with chalk on my face. the pack came with 48 lovely, bright colors, and they're fun to play around with. i originally bought them to color strands of my hair, but it didn't turn out all that well...

has anyone else tried chalk on their hair as a temporary dye? feel free to give me advice...i'm kinda bummed.



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  1. What kind of Hair Chalk did you Use? Bunny, aka Grav3yardgirl, from YouTube tried out the Hot Huez and it Worked, I Would Try that if I were You! You can Probably Find them at Walmart or Target. I Love Your Blog, Could you Make More that'd be Awesome and Could you Check out Mine? www.juliadoug.blogspot.com XOXO - Jules!