time. flies.

Can you believe there are only 13 days till Christmas? Are you ready for the frenzy of present opening, party hosting, dinner serving and dish washing? Or are you far, far behind, wishing you were your friend Jane who started planning her Christmas in September? Well, you can be a little like Jane by getting your butt up and holiday planning! Here are a few tips:
  • make sure you have nearly all of your gifts. and no, half doesn't cut it!
  • compile a list of all the foods you'll need for parties, get-togethers, and whatever you'll do
  • lug all of the Christmas decorations out if you haven't yet (you can do it!!!)
  • make sure that all of your reservations are booked
  • keep all of your presents in one area
  • do the same with your shopping coupons
  • make sure you have all of your RSVPs for your holiday parties!
Get many more tips, checklists, and ways to reduce holiday stress at http://www.celebrating-christmas.com/checklists/index.shtml!

Have a wonderful holiday(:


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