tips to shopping handmade

okay, for all of those people out there wondering if they should shop handmade, I say go for it! there are definitely some major perks to shopping handmade, including the following
-generally cheaper customization prices
-uniqueness of the object
-a good story behind whatever it is you're purchasing

however, shopping handmade is not always the right option for everyone! some downsides include
-hard to find feedback for the business

as someone who sells handmade and buys handmade things occasionally, I have come to the following conclusion. yes, one short little statement is the difference between mass produced and handmade. ready? handmade items have a story, mass produced items don't. that is truly how simple it is.

I've always loved buying handmade because I enjoy the experience so much. I love dealing with friendly people, great stories, and superb customer service. I love handmade!

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