how to organize a large collection of earrings

if you've got so many pairs of earrings that you can't even find a matching set, this is for you!

step one
-go through your assortment of jewelry and pair up like pairs and then get rid of all the jewelry you don't want anymore

step two
-organize pairs of earrings by some fashion. my favorite is organizing by metal color, then bead color, then size. for instance, in the gold section, you could have all blue posts and then all blue dangles together.

step three
-clean your earrings! disinfect with rubbing alcohol thoroughly. this step is especially important if your jewelry has been sitting and collecting dust vs. being properly stored.

step four
-put them away/on something. i have a ribbon and i keep my earrings attached to it and i then hang the ribbon up next to my mirror, but there are many ways of doing this. examples are jewelry stands, jewelry boxes, hanging them on mesh wire, etc.

step five
-enjoy having an organized earring collection and put those jewels to good use!

these steps can be applied to any kind of jewelry. comment and send me pictures of your jewelry collection, before and after, and i'll post them on my blog!



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