incredible tutorials!

just a note of sorry....i know i haven't posted in forever, but i've been extremely busy!

anyways, this post comes with a bit of a background story....i wanted to redo my room, and i LOVED this anthropologie bedding:
well, the price tag was $300 for the duvet alone. i found this a little pricey and did some searching online for a cheaper option, but i found nothing. then i came across this wonderful site! (<- that's clickable!)
and, believe it or not, they had a tutorial on how to make this exact bedding!

so, i completed the instructions and ended up with a lovely quilt that i personally enjoy better than the original. also, the whole project cost me about $75. it was a little lengthy and frustrating at times, but the final product was SO worth the work! i enlisted a friend to help me and the project was a lot more doable and enjoyable than i imagined. you can find the tutorial HERE (part one) and HERE (part two).

also on this site was a tutorial on how to make this:

i made this and it was incredibly easy. i was scared at first because i cannot draw/paint to save my life, but i have to say mine looks quite nice!! you can find this tutorial HERE !

these are the only two i've attempted from this site, but i want to try the following:

let me know if this was helpful or if you need any advice on the projects i've completed. i'll keep you updated on my room's proccess(:


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