it's almost spring: what you need to know about earrings this time of year

as spring starts to be felt all around the world, new spring trends are popping up like moles in a whack-a-mole game! my favorite trends occur in jewelry (duh!) so i gathered a nice little collection of spring 2011 jewelry trends for you! p.s.-I included pictures...hold the applause, please(:

1.) nautical
don't think that because this trend has to do with sailors and boats that it's only a summer trend- those hardworking sailors work away at their jobs in the winter! (but this trend wasn't popular back then)

Nautical Earrings by BrittanyChavers

BrittanyChavers does a great job of mixing fun and class in these great earrings!

2.) flowers
spring blooms
, right? yes, it does. with floral jewelry trends!
Cream Passion Dangle earrings Sweet and Romantic by beadpod8
this is one of my favorite spring 2011 jewelry trends just because can be worn by anyone with any outfit! my favorite look to wear floral earrings with is a romantic, flowy look.

3.) bright, neon Colors
though a little bold, this trend is super fun and playful!

Neon Nebula Earrings/ SS2010 HOLIDAY SALE by conquerjewellery

conquerjewellery's creation is a really fun look and brightens up any outfit you can imagine!

4.) earthy/organic
pieces like these are really gorgeous because they take something very common and familiar to us and make them into a piece of art.

leafy - silver and gold leaf teardrop earrings by musettemade

i truly love these earrings...the mixed metals work so naturally in this piece.
so there you have it! a nice little guidebook to spring jewelry trends 2011, pulled together by yours truly!

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  1. Great collection of earrings! Those Neon Nebula earrings are fantastic! Thank you for featuring my nautical earrings! ~Brittany Chavers