March Artist!

hey everyone! sorry it's a wee bit late, but here's your march artist of the month-musettemade! (but you can call her shannon:) ) i stumbled upon this awesome, kick-butt artist back in my other post, it's almost spring!: what you need to know about earrings this time of year . she was the awesome lady who designed those gorgeous leaf earrings under organic. i looked at her shop and realized that this artist was someone with real talent, so, take it away, shannon!
trellis - avocado green hand painted filigree and glass earrings
1.)Tell us a little bit about yourself! (name, location,pets, family, etc.)
- My name is Shannon Conlin and I live in Charlotte, NC with my boyfriend Joe and our cat Bosco. We live in a great neighborhood with lots of restaurants, shops, and bars all within walking distance.

2.)How did you become to be an artist?
- I have always been an artist. I grew up drawing and painting and when it was time to go to college I decided to go to the Savannah College of Art and Design. My first love has always been painting!

3.)What inspires you?
- I am really inspired by other artists who are out there doing what they do best - being creative! I also love, love, love beads - the shapes and colors always leave me with new ideas. Going to the bead store can be really dangerous for me! I also like to pull pictures out of magazines for inspiration.
4.)What is your creative proccess like?
- I have a bunch of bulletin boards hanging in my studio with baggies of beads pinned to them. I find it helps me to be able to see them all - I can pull colors to mix and match easier than if they are all in boxes. Then I just kind of put things together to see if they work!
5.)What do you do in your free time?(besides creating)
- I love to hang out with friends, cook, and generally relax! I also am addicted to Netflix instant - Joe and I like to cook dinner together and watch movies or a new TV series.
henna - gold and glass teardrop earrings6.)What would give as advice to someone just starting out on Etsy?- I would say do your research! Look around on Etsy at others in your category who are selling well. Find some shops you admire who have great photos and interesting items. How does your shop measure up? Also, I do the best when I am listing new items and making my shop look fresh.
7.)How do you promote your work?
- I love my Facebook fanpage! It is a lot of fun to link to new items and see the responses you get from people. I also give out a lot of cards and my friends, family, and return customers are really great for word of mouth!
8.)In ten years, where would you like to be?
- I would love to still be making jewelry! I would also like to have another shop for my paintings at some point. I guess overall I just want to be happy and healthy and doing something creative!
9.)What handmade possesion is closest to your heart?
- There are so many! I have lots of artistic friends and I try to surround myself with their work - pottery, paintings, collages, needlework - to name a few. But my favorites are the handmade cards my boyfriend makes me for my birthday!
10.)What would you like to see more of on Etsy? Less of?
- I would like to see more truly handmade goods on Etsy and less resellers! I hate the thought of someone buying something they think is handmade but ends up to be cheap and factory produced!

wildflower - twisted silver wire flower earrings

thank you so much for being on my blog shannon!(: you can find her lovelies here on etsy and here on facebook !

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